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Wooden Toys Safer than Plastic Toys

The Top 10 Reasons Why Wooden Toys are Better than Plastic Toys

Have you ever wondered why wooden toys are better and safer for children than plastic toys? We go through the top benefits of buying wooden toys over plastic toys in this weeks blog article.

1. The Safety of the Toy: Plastic vs. Wood

pretend-wooden-toy-kids-dinner-setOne of the objections towards plastic toys is that they can easily break, leaving nasty, sharp edges that can harm a baby or child. Wooden toys are normally more durable. Consider the difference between a wooden or plastic toy truck.

Advantages: Wooden toys are normally far safer than plastic toys in general and can be a great option if you are concerned about the safety of your child.

2. The Life of the Toy: Long Lasting

wooden-toy-car-racerWood is a robust and often is a very resilient material. It potentially has a very long life and can be passed on to younger siblings, cousins or friends. I absolutely love the idea of getting a long life out of a toy and the fact that wood is often more durable than plastic, which can fade or become damaged overtime, is a definite plus!

Advantages: (1) It can be passed on, in the family or to friends. It might even become a family heirloom. (2) It has a long life and is pretty unlikely to break next week, so you are going to get some really good life and wear out of these fantastic toys.

3. Environmental Considerations: Eco-Friendly Toys

$13.50 Elephant Grasper Baby Wooden Toy

The environment is where many of these toys will end up one day. Plastic is not biodegradable but wood is. Rather than filling our landfills up with manmade, unnatural products we can buy toys for our children that give back to the environment. Wood can also be recycled, so while you are giving your child the best quality toy you are also considering the future of our environment.

4. Play Value: Creativity and Imaginative Play

pretend-money-wooden-cash-register-toyThere are many wooden toys that encourage imaginative play. From making their own food at their pretend kitchen to serving friends or family members at their pretend store using their very own wooden cash register. All of these activities encourage children to role play and engage them in meaningful activities that prepare them for the future.

Coffee, Barrista Pretend Wooden Toy for Kids – Let your little boy or girl create their own cappucino, latte or hot chocolate. T

Scholastic say that ‘children learn by imagining and doing’. Pretend play builds skills in many essential areas that need to be developed in a child’s life including helping children to develop social and emotional skills, language skills and thinking skills.


For more information on the importance of Pretend Play check out this article by Scholastic.

5. Reasoning Skills and Problem Solving

Wooden toys don’t have voice commands or electronic parts that tell children what to do, allowing children to use their reasoning skills to decide what particular activities they want to undertake using that particular toy. Things such as blocks or puzzles also aid children in developing their ability to solve problems.

6. Tactile Benefits of Wooden Toys

wooden-toy-benefits-childrenAs wooden toys often are weightier than plastic toys children, they help in enabling children to have a greater awareness of what their hands are doing. This could be beneficial for those with sensory disorders or children with delayed development of fine motor skills. A child may also find that they have to exert a little bit more effort to move the wheels of a wooden toy compared to when they play with their light-weight plastic counterparts.

7. Health: Wooden Toys Safer than Plastic for Babies and Toddlers

baby-stroller-wooden-toyWooden toys are also great with very young children. As we mentioned earlier in the article, little ones love to stick toys in their mouths. Wood is a much safer alternative to metal or plastic if you know that gummy one year old is just going to want to put everything into their mouth that they see.

8. Educational Purposes

lock-wooden-kids-tool-boxMany wooden toys are also educational and can help children with developing their fine-motor skills. Puzzles, building blocks and games .



9. Aesthetically Pleasing

Wooden toys really are a cut above the rest. Their quality is superior and they are extremely aesthetically appealing.

get-healthy-kids-toy-wooden-blender-fruit10. Quality Toys that won’t break the budget.

The range we have from Wild Woodlands Toys is absolutely gorgeous and there are toys in here to suit any budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a truly great toy that is going to last!

Conclusion: So, Are Wooden Toys better & Safer than Plastic Toys?

safe-durable-wooden-doll-house-toySo in conclusion, why are wooden toys considered to be better than plastic toys? There are a number of benefits given by wooden toys, from being eco-friendly (and protecting our environment), to being durable (a toy that can be passed on), as well as being safer (than it’s plastic counterparts) and being an excellent source of imaginative play.

These toys are beautiful! They are a toy that will last. Rather than having a child on the iPad or latest smart phone for entertainment these gorgeous toys will have them creating imaginative games and involved in pretend play for hours. We really need to consider the future of our kids and give them something that is an investment in their future. Why not consider buying wooden educational toys today for your children. This is an investment which I truly believe you won’t regret. is a collective of gift ideas for men, ladies and kids from Australian small businesses.  We uncover Australia’s best kept secrets to provide you with gifts for those you love the most.